2 comments on “An Evening with Wally at Arby’s

  1. The first time I met Wally, was at “The Pit”, L.A.
    Wally’s first comments were to go with him down to the Jolly Roger on Hollywood Blvd. He was buying.
    I also recall being at Wally’s home in Portland, Or..
    Wally was busy evaluating tapes, etc. for Hindsight Records. He went to the refridgerator pulled out a large bottle of Clamato juices, and being a considerate man, offered me a large glass.
    Now, I probably love oysters as much, or more than Wally, but I had never tried Clamato juice.
    I may have studdered myself resisting his offer.
    B D Gardner

  2. I have been very busy lately. I have been in contact with Wally’s relatives.
    I also have spoke with Mike Dorrough, who has some history with Wally.
    Hopefully before much longer , we can add much more to this wonderful tribute site.
    B.D.Gardner kd7bcw 73

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