Photo Gallery now ONLINE

The Recording Wally Heider Photo Gallery

The Heider photo gallery is now online. I posted the first gallery, a few shots I took during NRPS, Crosby, Dead and Brewer and Shipley sessions. Coming soon is a series of photos taken by Lesley Barncard at a Booker T. and the MGs session in Heider’s 4 in LA in 1976.

If you have photos of the interiors of WHR studios, or happy people recording there, please consider contributing. Also I really need some good photos of Wally. All I have still is the one I colorized for the banner – stolen from a 1975 Shure microphone ad. A nice portrait and some photos of Wally interacting with clients, by the remote truck, early years at United-Western, on the road recording Woody, etc. Blank track sheets would be cool, and I’m looking for a clean copy of the ‘oscilliscope’ WHR logo that was seen on mid-70s adhesive tape box stickers.

A separate registration is needed for the photo gallery uploading – WordPress and Gallery are not integrated, but you are free to use the same user/passwords during your registration (the Gallery will send you an email with your temp password, then you can go to the Gallery and change it to whatever you like. After registering, I’ll approve and upgrade your membership for posting.

Please contribute! If you have material and don’t have access to a scanner, let me know. I can do that for you. I’m located in San Francisco.

stephen barncard