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  1. Russ Gary was the calmest engineer I ever worked with, even though we both got thrown-off the CSNY dates, which, eventually
    gave Barncard his start.

  2. Russ is a very wonderful, talented guy. My sessions with him were always enjoyable.

    Michael, as far as you and Russ ‘getting thrown-off’ the sessions, it wasn’t like that. You were Russ’s guy, but I was specifically chosen for the CSNY sessions by Wally to work with Bill Halverson, and worked with Russ in the 3 or 4 days he did the sessions. Just before Bill flew up.

    If they had given Russ a bigger chance, they might have continued with Russ, but the band (at least CSN) already had a rapport with Bill Halverson from the first record, and wanted Bill back.

  3. It was not Russ at fault; I screwed it it up by shutting down the
    machine when Stills went off-key; Russ took the ride with me.

  4. That date goes down in my personal files as the worst I’ve ever been on; and I did some ego groups after that.

  5. The tension was unbearable during Deja Vu, nothing me and Russ could do was acceptable. I think we’re the only ones to ever tell
    Stills and Crosby to act like pros. Neil and Graham were the only
    ones to keep me from beating up both those bozos.

  6. With all due respect, Michael, that was not my experience with those guys. There was drama for sure but if you knew what was going on in Crosby’s life at that moment, you might change your tune.

    I felt they were very professional and speedy – a producer’s dream… and the music from that group of talented guys was of course classic.

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