2 comments on “Heider’s San Francisco Alumni Meet

  1. This is truly amazing.
    There are so many great stories about life in the windowless world of 245 Hyde Street during the seventies.
    Wally was an extroardinary man. I learned many life-lessons in my years at Heider’s.
    Wally was a great boss who became a great friend. I only spoke to him twice after I left the company in 77/78, and both times he extended an offer of assistance, anything he could do for me, and dinner, Musso & Frank’s, next time I was in L.A.
    I wish I would have taken-him-up on that dinner.
    Steve M.

  2. And now it’s 2010, no wrecking ball in sight and over 41 years of continuous operation as a music recording studio in the same location.

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