About posting….

I’ve seen this happen a couple of times – a person writes a piece for the blog and it apears password protected. It’s not you — it’s this ambiguious WordPress software. If you are viewing an edit/author page, then you are already ‘connected’ and recognized – you do NOT need to put anything in the PASSWORD field. This is only for private messages, which we don’t want anyway. So please ignore the ‘post password’ field on the WRITE POST page until I can find a way to defeat it.

Go ahead and post right away, however…

It can take up to 12 hours for me to get to authorizing someone’s registration, and I approve each person independently. After I see that the person is ‘real’ or I know who you are, I will go ahead and grant authoring privleges. From then on, you may post away with no more checking. I’ve already avoided a lot o spambots this way.

Also I’ll mention to the lurkers that it is not necessary to register if you don’t plan to post or comment. But it’s always nice if you do.

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