Stories of Wally Encouraged

Happy New Year,

In 2009 I resolve to continue to improve this site. I have upgraded the blog and will update the gallery software. I haven’t found a “skin” that looks good, shows author comments, and is easy to use yet – but there are hundreds of good Gallery themes out there; I’ll find it. I’ve also heard from a family member and hope to have more contact with her soon.

If you have a story about Wally or the studios, please post!

Please contact me if you need a user/password to post a story about Wally or a user/password to upload some photos and scans of WHR related items. I used to have an auto-enroll form here, but it became a spam magnet, with hundreds ‘signing up’ with automated passwords and no intention of posting anything but advertising.

anyway, thanks for stopping by!

stephen barncard