Heider Truck in Long Beach 1977


This is a photo of the Wally Heider Recording truck on location during the recording of Boston, Long Beach 77\’.

I was on the sound crew for Boston and I happened to take the photo.  It is fairly low res. but it might be good for this site.  The recording can be heard on Wolfgangsvault.com  It was a memorable experience as we had phantom power problems that day …. we eventually sorted it out and I think the excitement of that show was captured by Wally\’s team as it was.

Boston was very careful about recordings of any kind the years I spent with them.  We very rarely recorded live in the seventies. In those days when you traveled as part of the touring sound crew you would get pretty protective around the audio splitter. Any in-coming remote recording crew would not be trusted as a rule based on my previous experiences. Since I was the third guy on the sound crew one of my jobs was handling the set changes and line checks so input problems were my problem. Often interfacing a remote truck could test your patience back then.

Although I was pretty young at the time I knew of Wally’s reputation and knew these guys were one of the few to completely trust.  I remember we had some issues with power and actually had some fairly nasty voltage floating around during sound check.  I’m happy to say that the Heider crew worked hard to help solve the problems with us and the result was what I consider one of the best recordings of Boston Live to this day.  I was really shocked to see these recordings available on Wolfgangsvault.com….  due to the fact that Tom Scholz always had such an iron clad fist over everything. If you listen to the Long Beach recordings you can hear the raw excitement of those shows captured by one of the best.

Brad Delp R.I.P.

I remember all of our crew but I imagine you mean the Heider crew.  It may have been Bill Thompson but it was so long ago I can’t be sure.  I seem to remember three people with the truck. We did a lot of shows on that tour.  The Date was March 16th 1977.. Long Beach Arena.   It was not a Bill Graham show…. maybe Avalon?  I think the recording was purchased somehow many years later and ended up at WolfgangsVault.  It was recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour so that must be how it got out of Tom’s control.  He was completely into the technical side way beyond the normal artist.  I imagine you have seen a few like that too from what I saw regarding your credits. We would never allow feeds from the FOH console for in-house video.  I’m sure you remember there were very few venues with video at that time, maybe the Capital Center in Largo MD. and Bill Graham’s venues.

My official title was Sound Technician with C.V. Lloyde/Next City Sound.  We were based in NYC and provided the house sound system for the Beacon Theater around 75-76′.  We had a FOH engineer, system tech. and I would often mix monitors for opening acts (any act without their own monitor engineer).  So I was still the rookie in those days. Despite the larger companies like Showco and Clair Bros. we managed to hold the Boston account from 76-79.  Boston had their own FOH and Monitor engineers of course.  I hope this helps to date the photo. Now you know more than you probably wanted to hear! I think it is great that you dedicate your time to the site so people will know the significance of Wally Heider and his team. I’ll have to check out more as you carry on.


Dana Roun

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