3 comments on “RUSS GARY’S Recollections Part One

  1. Russ said
    In the summer of 1968, Wally hired me after auditioning some 45’s I recorded at United Audio Recording Studio in Santa Ana, CA. He had by then sold the business to Filmways Corporation but still ran the studios and day-to-day operations.

    I didn’t know Wally sold to Filmways so in the 60s this is the first time I heard anyone put a date on when he sold to Filmways


  2. I was friends with Ray Thompson in the 70’s. Does anyone know where he’s at now?

  3. Wow man .. Anyone going for a career in the music Business and for students of music .. your post is a gem keep it up man! I am very found of music and various elements of it. Sound mixing is still a passion for me. I tried my hands on many sound mixing and recording devices when I was in the entertainment industry years ago.! Keep up the good work mate!

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