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albert polisner/ al paul and wally heider

first of all -thank you so much for putting this together. this is a wonderful and lasting tribute to many of the great people that launched the studios in hollywood.

my father, albert william polisner met my mother -jeanne walrath -when she came to hollywood from iowa to record an album in 1958 -she was a coloratura soprano and had tried out for the met opera at the age of 15.

albert (also known around town as al paul) worked with many folks at capitol records, paramount (brian brolin), allen zentz and wally heider. i was between 5 and 8 years old when my dad used to run me around hollywood on errands. after broadcast records closed, my father worked at studio masters on melrose, and later worked from our home -he resold mixing and audio equipment.

my first job was kind of as an internal roadie at pd recording studios in north hollywood (run, i think by john phillips -who had been at capitol).

my father passed away in 1976 (i was 16) and would love to connect with people from the 60’s and 70’s hollywood era that knew him.

i am now 45 years old, and have founded

a business dedicated to informing consumers about socially-responsible business (redirecting consumer spend from entities that mistreat workers, pollute the environment and are profit without regard businesses -to companies that are evolving to embrace reuseable energy, clean manufacturing and workers, human, animal rights.

once again -many thanks for putting this together -i’d be happy to contribute a photo of my dad in front of what was broadcast recorders.

kind regards, george polisner