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Anyone work on Aretha’s “Amazing Grace” album?

Aretha Franklin
Amazing Grace is a classic Grammy winning 1972 album by Aretha Franklin.

Aaron Cohen to wallyheider2
show details 18 Jan 2010

Hi Stephen,

I’m writing a book about Aretha Franklin’s “Amazing Grace” album, which Ray Thompson engineered for Wally Heider. If you could help me get in touch with anyone from Wally Heider\’s company who participated in this live recording, and would be able to speak about it for the book, I would be most appreciative and overwhelmingly grateful.


—Aaron Cohen
aaronc [at]

Tenderloin History Museum

Hello. I am curating the development of new Tenderloin History Museum in San Francisco, which will eventually live in the lobby of the Cadillac Hotel in the Tenderloin. As part of this exhibit, we will highlight Wally Heider Recording in SF. I am trying to track down any objects/memorabilia from Wally’s recording period on Hyde St. Perhaps he has family members who would be interested in a museum such as this celebrating his extensive contribution to music in San Francisco and might be able to point me in some directions.
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Stories of Wally Encouraged

Happy New Year,

In 2009 I resolve to continue to improve this site. I have upgraded the blog and will update the gallery software. I haven’t found a “skin” that looks good, shows author comments, and is easy to use yet – but there are hundreds of good Gallery themes out there; I’ll find it. I’ve also heard from a family member and hope to have more contact with her soon.

If you have a story about Wally or the studios, please post!

Please contact me if you need a user/password to post a story about Wally or a user/password to upload some photos and scans of WHR related items. I used to have an auto-enroll form here, but it became a spam magnet, with hundreds ‘signing up’ with automated passwords and no intention of posting anything but advertising.

anyway, thanks for stopping by!

stephen barncard

Wikipedia article on Wally

There’s a new Wikipedia article which needs YOUR input to flesh it out. I think Wally deserves a mention but I know nothing about his biographical details and very little about his business dealings.

Also, Wally Heider Studios page is very short on content. Needs your help to save it from “speedy deletion.”

Wikipedia article – click here

Please take a look and add more content.


Heider’s San Francisco Alumni Meet

Left to right: GD clients Bob Matthews, Betty Cantor-Jackson, and SF staffers Stephen Barncard and Russ Gary.

Some former WHR San Francisco clients and employees gathered for a MIX magazine photo shoot at Hyde Street Recorders at 245 Hyde Street Studio A. The studio, although improved with a vintage Neve console and a couple of iso booths, is otherwise intact after 37 years. This was the first time the four were there at the same time at this location since the 70’s.

Unless something else happens, the studio location is slated for demolition later this year, as the building has new owners and Hyde Street have lost their lease.

More info about the photo shoot and Hyde Street can be found in the October issue of Mix Magazine, and a tiny photo and abbreviated article at

Photo Gallery now ONLINE

The Recording Wally Heider Photo Gallery

The Heider photo gallery is now online. I posted the first gallery, a few shots I took during NRPS, Crosby, Dead and Brewer and Shipley sessions. Coming soon is a series of photos taken by Lesley Barncard at a Booker T. and the MGs session in Heider’s 4 in LA in 1976.

If you have photos of the interiors of WHR studios, or happy people recording there, please consider contributing. Also I really need some good photos of Wally. All I have still is the one I colorized for the banner – stolen from a 1975 Shure microphone ad. A nice portrait and some photos of Wally interacting with clients, by the remote truck, early years at United-Western, on the road recording Woody, etc. Blank track sheets would be cool, and I’m looking for a clean copy of the ‘oscilliscope’ WHR logo that was seen on mid-70s adhesive tape box stickers.

A separate registration is needed for the photo gallery uploading – WordPress and Gallery are not integrated, but you are free to use the same user/passwords during your registration (the Gallery will send you an email with your temp password, then you can go to the Gallery and change it to whatever you like. After registering, I’ll approve and upgrade your membership for posting.

Please contribute! If you have material and don’t have access to a scanner, let me know. I can do that for you. I’m located in San Francisco.

stephen barncard