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Swingtime Video

Just a quick note. I spent a lot of time with Wally during his last 15 years. I have lots of wonderful stories with him. I’m also the one who did all the engineering, film transfer setups and editing, graphics and final mastering on the complete “Swingtime Video” Series. I accompanied Wally on many of the trips as we gathered the footage for the shows and transfered the films to video. Then we spent many, many hours editing the series. This was done in my studio in Oregon except for one which was edited in San Diego. We both went to Indianapolis then to set up for duplication. Audio was paramount for the series and Wally flew in other trusted audio engineers to double check the tests I made. Such was Wally’s style. Perfection was hardly good enough.

Like most of those I knew who worked with Wally; the pay was awful but the perks were out of this world. Wally, also was directly responsible for me starting my own video studio and gave me some of the most wonderful memories of my life. I’d love to visit with anyone about Wally at anytime and share these memories.

When Wally passed away I received a large number of Swingtime Video copies. I’ve kept them all these years in his memory but, as I’m now getting on in age myself, I suspect I’ll need to pass them on rather than let some probate attorney send them to the landfill.
Virgil Sipes

PS. Wally is buried in a small cemetery in Sheridan, Oregon. I did attended his graveside ceremony and he’s now there with his parents.