How to get authorized to post or comment…

This site is open to and welcomes anyone who can contribute firsthand stories and/or photos of Wally, his studios, clients, or other topics relevant to the aforementioned. Unfortunately some spammer scum seem to think this is a wonderful place to put spam links in comments.

This low life form tries to connect their web-bots with every installation of WordPress on the net, (which set up in stock mode will allow anyone who registers to post comments) and therein is vulnerable to spam. I’ve set up the userlevels right now so the registrant can’t do anything until I take action and approve. However this fills my in-box with useless registrations and creates a workflow problem for me. So we need to work around the foolishness, and have people do some things a bot can’t do easily. This page is the start of that effort.

1. Go to my contact form and send me a short message to introduce yourself.

Barncard Contact Form

2. I will then create an account to authorize you to post with a requested username and pw.

Thanks for your help to keep this a great site.

stephen barncard