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Hi, there is a history page for Hyde Street Recording, the former Wally Heider San Francisco facility, still in operation after 42 years.

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Barncard Standing by the Heider van, 1970
Stephen Barncard in Big Sur, Taken by R.G. Barncard

In 1969, after spending my Wonder Bread years spinning my wheels in the Kansas City Music Scene, I left for San Francisco. I had no plan, no idea how I was going to accomplish it, but I wanted to not only make records, but make records in my favorite city by the bay.

I flew in on a red-eye from KC direct to SF, and the next morning I started walking around downtown. I walked up to the nearest phone booth and looked up ‘Recording Studios’ in the phone book. And there it was… the first listing I saw – Wally Heider Recording, on Hyde street, only a few blocks away. I had no idea that Wally had created a studio up there – I of course knew about his studios in LA., but this was news.

I called and talked to Mel Tanner, General Manager, who after I arrived gave me a nice tour of the place. He said indeed that they were looking for new assistants, but I should apply- write a letter to Wally directly. So I did, and got hired to be the assistant on CSNY’s Deja Vu a couple of months later.

The connections that Wally helped put into motion for me are still going strong today. I owe a lot to the late Wally Heider, and I had been dismayed that there was very little about the man on the web, or anywhere else for that matter. I was determined to somehow bring people and information about Wally and his studios, but building a site have been, up until now, a very intense and time consuming proposition.

I had been experimenting with various blog software, and finally settled on the latest version of WordPress, the open-source blogging server. I’ve customized it to the point where I now feel it’s usable, but don’t be surprised if the shapes, features and colors might change – the content (and your access) will remain the same.

This site will be a repository of information about Wally – the guy that may have driven us crazy with his nervousness, but deep down we knew had a heart of gold and great guy – and was a very important player in the music scene of the 60’s and 70’s. I literally owe that man my career.

My wish is that we continue to get relatives, clients, friends and co-workers to join us here in the celebration of Wally and his ‘culture’ and through our collective intelligence, ┬áto learn more about this guy and how he shaped the very nature of recording as we know it today. I know we all have stories – but if you also have photos, that would be totally incredible. Check out The Gallery!

Thanks for checking this site out, and if you knew Wally or even just worked in one of his fine rooms, please join us and share your words and photos. Contact me here to join today! Once authorized (literally) , you can contribute stories and leave comments on other’s posts. Sorry, but online registration entry has been so riddled with worthless spam attempts from Russia that I had to take it off.

Stephen Barncard
September 16,2011
San Francisco